Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond


You may have heard of pet rescues, but ever heard of tree rescues?

Zresta’s picturesque landscaping plans required fully grown trees. So, we decided to rescue age-old trees that were at risk of being felled for development projects. Through this initiative, we managed to save trees and also add a touch of history to our gardens.

Like a fine whiskey, trees get better with age too! We have relocated trees aged over 15-20 years with heights ranging between 20-25 feet. We chose native species that have a stronger survival rate like Kala Jamun, Coconut, Mango, Neem and Champa trees.

The open space of our gated community is speckled with 20 year old trees. Our seniormost resident is a 30 year old Rubber Tree, giving its deep shade to the Entrance Boulevard. There are around 200 shade-providing trees hedging the Avenue ranging from Gulmohar, Kadambas, Madagascar Almond, Rosy Trumpet, Scarlet Bell, Neem Chameli, Mahogany to Peepal.

This green adoptathon took more than 12 days, 10 men, one crane, one JCB, a 40 foot-long trolley, a landscape architect and an entire civil engineering team. The result has been a villa community whose garden is as eloquent as its residents. Listen closely and each tree will tell you its story.