Plants that help you more than Going Green!

Plants that help you more than Going Green!

Plants that help you more than Going Green!

Luxe green environment, only at Zresta!

Zresta brings you Functional Landscaping, the latest trend in this field. Planting trees that serve a purpose. Like repelling insects, cleaning air or maintaining the levels of ground water table. Here is a list of plants and trees that we thoughtfully planted in your surroundings to achieve the delicate balance between scintillating views and functionality:


Besides providing that beachy, exquisite, and the rich Californian feel, dates are known to survive in the harshest of climates. They do require a lot of water and some of the species have huge maintenance costs. However, a few select varieties of this tree not only look aesthetically pleasing but also provide benefits like shade and reduction in the levels of carbon dioxide.


Lemon GrassThinking of staying near the lakeside? Water has always been known for its calming effect, not to forget, a scenic view. However, with water bodies, there is an additional risk of attracting insects, snakes, and mosquitos. Most landscape artists prefer planting lemongrass to counter snakes, insects, pests, and mosquitoes effectively. Given the fact that it takes very less to maintain this plant, we ensured that does all it can to provide you a safe surrounding!

Coconut Trees

Coconut Trees Goldfish Abode ZrestaThis tree belongs to the family of palms that grows in a tropical environment and enhances the view of the lakeside. Besides being known as the tree of life, the roots are known to possess medicinal uses. The tree was just perfect to adorn the lakeside view.

Fruit bearing trees

Did you know? That fruit bearing trees not only provide shade and fruits but also help preserve soil erosion and waterlogging during heavy rains and near lakesides. Play for kids can now be more involved with fruit bearing trees. We transplanted a Mango tree and fruit bearing Chiku trees at Zresta.

Rubber tree

Rubber Tree Goldfish Abode ZrestaIf there is any plant on earth that can absorb higher amounts of Carbon dioxide besides providing latex and wood, it has to be the rubber tree. The plant has firm and deep roots; the tree is an excellent source for shade and better soil quality.

The various plants used for functional landscaping are endless. However, most luxury properties in Hyderabad plan their landscaping keeping in mind the design and functional aspects that bring the best of the luxury experiences to everyday living.

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